The children’s room…


In a nutshell, the project was that of a simple bedroom for 4 children.

But if one examines it in detail, one realizes that it is a real mini flat where the children can sleep, study, do their homework, play, watch television, go to the bathroom without actually disturbing their parents.

With the Cappelletti firm, once again strongly wanted by the Chechen clients, I studied all the furnishings that only vaguely were taken from the catalogue of the Cantù firm.

In reality many were unique pieces specifically studied and made for the occasion.

Also, in this circumstance, my work was to define on the ground, with the lady client, all the needs, carry out all the necessary reliefs and then return to Italy to study a project together with the firm in charge. The project had to satisfy all the requirements both on the functional plan and the aesthetic level and it also had to give particular attention to the dictates that the production of similar furnishing objects require.