A Riot of Colour

Thanks to the good work carried out in Chechnya for President Kadyrov, the orders from the Caucasus region increased in number.

This private villa is the work of my Dagestan friend, Architect Omar Imanov, who realised a little architectonic masterpiece in Alleroy, 80 kilometres east of the capital town Grozny.

Imanov also handled the really gorgeous interior decorations and left me to discuss the selection of all the fixed and mobile furnishings-entirely supplied by the Cappelletti firm- with the lady client.

For the Cantù firm I took care to manage all the special and made-to-measure production of the furnishings of all the three floors of the villa: from the very first survey phases and executive designs to the final assembling. I also coordinated on place the teams of the Italian fitters who took charge to assemble everything made in Italy.

The interiors were a riot of colour, of golden stuccoes and plaster works and as a consequence the furnishings followed the chromatic explosion, wanted and especially researched by the architect for the young lord and lady of the house.